Great equipment to withstand the voltage


Dangerous Music Master and MQ Metering
Livio Argentini – AL112 Stereo EQ Black
Roger Schult RS W2377g – precision low and high band EQ
Manley Massive Passive – mastering version
SPL Tube Vitalizer
Dangerous Music – Bax EQ
Maag EQ4 M – Dual channel mastering EQ
Daking – Fet II Compressors – Stereo pair
Rockruepel – Comp.Two – Stereo Tube Compressor
Pendulum Audio OCL-2 Tube Mastering Compressor
Focusrite D330 MK1 Stereo Mastering Compressor
Monitoring Section by Dangerous Music – Monitor ST & 2DAC’s
Dangerous Music MIXER 8ch
Antelope Audio Trinity – Clock generator
Lavry Engineering – 4496 Blue AD Converters
Lucid 88192 AD-DA Converters
Korg MR2000 DSD recorder
2 x RME AES32 sound cards
Focal Twin6 BE pair – Studio Monitors
Focal Sub6 – Active Studio Subwoofer
Belden Cabling


UREI/Jbl 1178 Stereo Vintage Leveling Amplifier
Dude Music – Stereo Master Bus Compressor
TCS and VLA by Art Audio
Valley People 610 – Stereo VCA Compressor Expander
Dangerous Music 2 BUS lt – Summing Mixer
EFT dual channel EQ + Leveling Amp
TLA ivory first series tube compressor
TC Helicon VoicePro – Stereo Processor
Elysia Xpressor Stereo Compressor 500
2 X Pendulum Audio Opto De-Esser 500
8 bands of RS W2377Bl Mastering Grade EQ’s
Dangerous Music Source and Livio Argentini Alt Speakers
Genelec 1030 Alt Speakers
RME ADI8DS Converters
Sommer Quantum cables, and much more!


EFT Preamps
Livio Argentini AL 110
Antelope Audio Orion USB Interface
please ask for full mobile gear list!


In the Italian jungle, we listen naturally